Become part of the pack: the wider community around the Order of the Wild

Are you an Experience Designer wanting to:

  • Put more energy into creating positive change? 
  • Learn more about IXD? 
  • Bring opportunities to the Order of the Wild?

Are you a Change Maker from the Impact Sector who is:

  • Frustrated by business as usual and see the potential for IXD in your work?
  • Wanting to learn more about IXD?
  • Keen to bring opportunities to the Order of the Wild?

Are you an Impact Experience Designer who:

  • Is excited about this first-ever IXD community?
  • Wants to contribute to spreading the world about IXD?
  • Apply to become a member in future?


  • You get first-hand information about trainings, resources and tools shared by the Order of the Wild.
  • You will receive invitations to connection and collaboration opportunities that the Order creates.
  • You will get to know the IXDers and have the opportunity to involve our members in your projects.
  • You can apply to participate in Impact Retreats that we will host from 2024 onwards


Receive info every few months shared with love and care. Join connection calls to get to know the Order and its members. Spread thought leadership pieces when it feels right. Bring projects to the Order when you see the value.