As the work of IXD is still relatively new, we want to share key definitions, tools, stories, and in the future, educational opportunities.

IXD – Impact Experience Design – is a sub-category of Experience Design in which the skill-sets of experience design get applied to pressing societal and planetary issues.

Impact experiences aim to initiate a chain reaction on individuals, organisations or systems: directing attention, facilitating participation, supporting awareness, guiding integration to spark transformation and action.

The intention behind impact experience design goes beyond entertainment and commercial priorities and rather centers around initiating these positive shifts within our global value system.

To have an influence on a situation, a person or system.

Positive impact: influencing the status quo towards what we perceive as a better state that is more in line with a set of desired values. We see three levels of impact: on the individual, on community/systems, and on society at large.

Experience Design is the process of creating environments, interactions and/or sensory experiences, with the intention of having an impact on the mental state of the person experiencing them.

Experience designers come from a variety of disciplines and work towards a variety of goals. Transformative experience design aims to have a lasting impact on participants’ attitudes and behaviour.


Showcasing the diversity of Impact Experience design in terms of target group, approaches, and application to local context with a few selected case studies from our community.

Highlighted Experiences

Impact Experiences from our extended community that we recommend to experience IXD and its potential while they will also support your personal transformational journey.

Wilderness Trail and Bison Tracking

WeWilder | Romania

The wilderness trail with the WeWilder team is a really powerful experience of perception shift and connection with the more than human world through the art of tracking, trailing, sit-spots and sleep-outs.

Deep Nature Immersions

Animas Valley Institute | USA

All of the experiences from the The Animas Valley Institute founded by ecopsychologist Bill Plotkin are powerful experiences designed for deeper connection with our unique niche in the ecosystem and are great containers for ecoawakening.

Singing with the Nightingales

Nest Collective | Sussex, UK

A short after-dark walk into the woods to meet the nightingale. Once nestled in ear-tinglingly close range to the bird, a concert like no other takes place as musicians join in an improvised duet with their virtuosic night-song.


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