The Wild by your side: leverage experience design for your impact project

Are you thinking about or working on a project connected to climate change or biodiversity loss and see the potential to leverage experience design?

We can support you with:
  • Explore how experience design can improve an your existing project
  • Tap into global experts to design experiences from scratch
  • Hire a production team to realise your impact experience

Feel free to reach out to us with a request for the Order of the Wild in general, or  for an introduction to a particular member that seems to be most aligned with your intention, or is in your area of the world. 

Impact Experience Design for us can take various shapes and forms:

  1. Diverse approaches: installations, music, nature guiding, retreats, workshops, time travel
  2. Possible audiences: youth, organisation staff, participants of events, visitors of exhibitions, etc
  3. Globally applied: applied already across the globe and for centuries

Our intention with the Order of the Wild is foremost to support projects in the area of climate change and biodiversity loss. We do see the interconnectedness of all global challenges and thus are open if you approach us with “primarily” humanitarian / social issues.