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About Us

The Order of the Wild (OOW) is an impact initiative incubated within, and currently owned by, the College of Extraordinary Experiences. At the core, it is managed by Anne Merkle, Philipp Jacobius, and Paul Bulencea, who share the leadership duties throughout the 2024 term.

The Order is our contribution to tackle the climate and biodiversity crisis as a community of global experience designers. We care about the future of nature and people. We feel the need to regenerate and rewild all life. We are united by a shared concern about humanity’s current trajectory. Our intention is to contribute to a resilient society which limits the effects of climate change as much as possible, is able to adjust to the ever-changing challenges ahead and honors all life along the way.

Our Story

The Order of the Wild emerged out of the College of Extraordinary Experiences, which is an annual week-long gathering of 150 experience designers that convene to experience various angles of experience design and build ties for future collaborations. Since its inception in 2016, a global community of 600+ alumni has been built.

A sub-group formed around the desire to leverage experience design for transformation, testing various approaches for collective impact. The Order consists of 15 core members and a constant expansion of members.

At the moment, the Order is incorporated as part of the College.

Creating Lasting Impact

We see the need for humans to regenerate, rebuild the connection to self and the more-than-human world, and remember our role in the web of life. Through transformative impact experiences we believe individuals, organisations and communities can establish behaviours, values and priorities that nurture people and the planet.

Through the transformation on the individual level we see the potential for a shift within society which prioritises wholeness over profit, consumption and individual gains. Moving from an egocentric to an ecocentric worldview. From a focus on industrial growth to a life sustaining society that is regenerative.

Meet our members

Reach out to us to be connected with members for advice, to explore joined projects, or to scale ideas. We can also assemble a team of superheroes from across the globe to jointly support your project.

Headshot Tiu de Haan
London - Global

Tiu de Haan

Tiu is a ritual designer, creative facilitator and “idea doula”, curating and creating experiences around moments of meaning, designed to shift our perspective to see the wonder in the world and the magic in the mundane.
Headshot Ben von Wong
New York - Global

Benjamin Von Wong

Benjamin Von Wong is an impact experience designer who has generated over 100 million views for causes like ocean plastics, electronic waste, and fast fashion.
Headshot Philipp Jacobius
Europe & Global

Philipp Jacobius

Phil translates creative visions into actual experiences, with a focus on operations, logistics, and administration. He is the producer of the College of Extraordinary Experiences, where he pays a lot of attention to regenerative impact throughout the entire supply chain.
New York - Global

David Bassuk

David Bassuk, Creative Director and Professor working in Immersive Performance, Transmedia and Game Design in USA, Europe, Iraq and China. Fulbright professor at FH Salzburg, Austria Dept. of Creative Technology. UNAMI Director of Creative Game Design for Iraqi Futures 2050.
Thun (Switzerland) - Global

Julia Eisenloeffel

Julia is an Experience Consultant for Impact Projects and Experience Designer working on a whole range of projects, always having a larger outcome and impact on mind. She is a bridge-builder and connector who supports regenerative systems & radical transparency.
Headshot Alexander Gierholz
Amsterdam - Global

Alexander Gierholz

Alexander took a non-traditional path as an early school dropout who eventually found his way back to uni, obtained a Master’s degree in Psychology, and eventually became a pioneer in creating escape rooms and other innovative real-life gaming experiences.
Headshot Amrei Andrasch
Berlin - Global

Amrei Andrasch

Amrei is a creative entrepreneur and transformational experience designer. She develops concepts and spaces for regenerative ways of working and living.
Smadar Krampf
Tel Aviv - Global

Smadar Krampf

Smadar is an Experience Designer and gamification expert specializing in immersive experiences. She crafts, manages, and consults on various fields, including immersive theater, art installations, AR adventures, street quests, and treasure hunts.
Los Angeles - Global

Jaime Westendarp

Jaime is an experiential creator & facilitator whose work focuses on culture change. This stems from her unique collection of experiences: A past career in the TV & Film industry, 15+ years of creating & holding gatherings, and most recently, running Social Good Club, a think tank & content studio.
Scotland - Global

Rob Tesh

Rob helps organisations and individual educators design and deliver more effective & memorable learning experiences for adults. He has have over 20 years’ experience designing and staging learning experiences, and training and coaching others to do the same.
Headshot Anne Merkle
Berlin - Global

Anne Merkle

Whether it is building up WWF’s global innovation work, mainstreaming climate action into the Impact Hub Network, or stewarding the Innovation for Impact Network – experience design is core and centre of Anne’s work. She is eager to support the impact sector to fully leverage this tool.
Vienna - Global

Elena Rodriguez Blanco

Elena Rodriguez Blanco is a dynamic business force known for inspiring change through regenerative design. She’s an international speaker, best-selling author, and impact investor, leading the way in innovation and social entrepreneurship.
Headshot Vanessa Armendariz
Mexico - Norway

Vanessa Armendáriz

Life-caring initiatives creator. Systemic work for regenerative governance structures.
Zambia - Global

Likumbi Kapihya

Likumbi is a social “intrapreneur” and innovation facilitator with a knack for supporting solution builders in their quest to achieve impact.
Berlin - Global

Paul Bulencea

Paul Bulencea is an experience designer with over a decade of experience in the field. He specialises on creating transformational experience concepts.

Are you thinking about or working on a project connected to climate change or biodiversity loss and seeing the potential to leverage experience design?