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Written up by: Vanessa Armendariz

Picture a gathering of women encompassing diverse colors, languages, clothing, and gestures—walls seemingly insurmountable, preventing genuine encounters. Their mission: to forge a common purpose and a continental strategy across 32 countries, advancing domestic work laws in each nation. Yet, they lacked a shared language, educational background, socioeconomic condition, and even racial history. This assembly comprised representatives from international organizations and domestic workers’ unions across Latin American countries, blending powerful institutions with vulnerable, underrepresented groups.

Building a collective vision, harmonizing voices for justice and equity, proved more challenging than anyone had anticipated. However, as discussions faltered amidst their profound differences, a transformative moment unfolded when they looked into each other’s eyes, recognizing a shared gender reality—one that prioritizes life above all else. In this connection, they not only crafted a unified vision for their region but also spontaneously birthed a song, a universal anthem transcending their differences.

I step into the cosmic waist of the south
I step in the most green region of the wind and the light
When I walk I feel all the skin of America in my skin
And through my blood flows a river that sets its way in my voice

I go up from the south through America’s insides
Pure root of a cry destined to grow and explode
All the voices all, all the hands all
All the blood can be a song in the wind
Sing with me, sing, American brother
Free your hope as a yell in your voice

With these profound connections, they forged a systemic understanding and strategy for advancing labor rights in the region. Their shared hope became a reality, with half the continent now having ratified the ILO 189 agreement for domestic workers’ rights.

In this transformative journey, Experience Design served as the catalyst for cultivating fertile ground for difficult conversations. By creating human connections, unveiling common ground, and inviting individuals to deeply feel their shared humanity, Impact Experience Design played a pivotal role. The skill of sparking this profound connection lies at the heart of impact experience design, transforming differences into a powerful force for thriving workforces.