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Written up by: Sam Lee

Step into the night, where the finest musicians converge with the enchanting song of the nightingale, creating a transcendent experience led by the charismatic host, Sam Lee, and a special guest musician. This impact experience is a simple yet profound concoction of fireside food, drink, songs, stories, and a moonlit walk into the woods to encounter the nightingale. Nestled in ear-tingling proximity, the musicians engage in an improvised duet with the virtuosic night-song of the bird.

In a captivating forest setting, guests immerse themselves in nature, learning about its flora and fauna and discovering the poignant tale of the nightingale. Around the fire, Sam passionately shares his love for nature, illustrating the concrete impact of biodiversity loss in the UK through the declining numbers of nightingales. The event employs mud, moonlight, and communion with nature as tools to induce a state of awe, inviting participants to fall in love with the exquisite nature at their fingertips. What starts as a family and friendship event transforms into a profound and touching nature experience. Sam’s performances emphasize mindful presence and the transformative power of deep listening.

This exclusive event, limited to 35 guests per night, holds extra significance with only 40 years left of nightingales expected in the UK—a truly unique and rare opportunity.

“If you have never heard a nightingale before, this will bring magic into your life.” – Alan Davey, Controller, BBC Radio 3

“The strangest and most wonderful concert… magical and spontaneous.” – The Observer

Connecting to Impact Experience Design:

    1. Attention-Grabbing Concerts: Featuring renowned guest musicians, the concerts captivate attention, setting the stage for a unique experience.
    2. Building Awareness Through Stories: Sam Lee’s stories and experiences weave a personal and moving narrative, building awareness around biodiversity loss in a poignant format.
    3. A Full Journey Experience: From arrival to departure, the event is a comprehensive journey for participants, immersing them in nature, music, and a deeper understanding of the urgent need for conservation.

The impact reverberates beyond the audience, reaching over 15,000 people over the years. This music-based impact experience stands as a beautiful testament to the profound connections forged between art, nature, and collective consciousness.