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Written up by: Amrei Andrasch

“Sensing the Futures” is an immersive program that transcends traditional learning by guiding participants through a temporal odyssey—exploring the past, experiencing the present, and envisioning regenerative futures. Nestled in natural surroundings, this experiential journey instills systemic and long-term thinking, cultivating a regenerative mindset.

Past: Participants embark on a Deep Time walk, delving into the preciousness of Earth’s creation and our role within the systemic worldview. Creative methods evoke a profound awareness of the present, highlighting the ongoing loss of biodiversity.

Present: Engaging the senses and the body, the program brings participants into the moment, fostering an acute awareness of the surrounding nature. This sensory-rich approach goes beyond cognitive understanding, creating a more impactful and insightful journey.

Future: Guided by the Future Modeling Framework—a science-based strategy and foresight methodology—participants, in interdisciplinary teams, craft diverse future scenarios involving human and non-human stakeholders. These scenarios transform into key insights, shaping long-term individual and organizational visions.

“Sensing the Futures” is seamlessly integrated into corporate and non-profit strategy workshops, providing a foundation for long-term and regenerative visions that inform strategic decisions. Moreover, it collaborates with leadership schools, nurturing a regenerative mindset in students at the onset of their careers. Each program is meticulously tailored, leaving a lasting impact on individual and team mindsets, fostering a collective commitment to a regenerative future.

At the core of this transformative journey is Impact Experience Design, transcending mere cognitive engagement by inviting the senses and the body into the learning process. The program’s meticulous attention to detail, from inception to execution, elevates it beyond a conventional strategy workshop, transforming it into a touching and insightful impact experience.

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