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Written up by: Paul Bulencea and Oana Mondoc

This project delves into the art of crafting immersive wilderness experiences that catalyze a profound transformation in participants’ connection with the wild. WWF Romania approached our collective, seeking expertise in experience design for an eco-tourism initiative linked to rewilded bison tracking and the rural regeneration campus WeWilder — Europe’s most successful rewilding project.

Diverse members of our community contributed and continue to lend their support in various capacities:

  • Providing experience design advice and conceptual support for the wilderness trail, led by a local guide with a small group of guests.
  • Prototyping experiences to refine and amplify impact.
  • Offering counsel for eco-tourism offerings, spanning sustainable fine dining to corporate retreats in nature.
  • Facilitating partnership development and sales to attract international investors.

Our multifaceted involvement has empowered WeWilder to make a significant impact in the region. Individuals have not only sampled WeWilder’s experiences but have also become active contributors, incubating projects within the WeWilder ecosystem. These interactions—among locals, visitors, and collaborators—have sparked a profound transformation, fostering a global community united in the pursuit of global regeneration.

Tracks Left by Our Mission:

  1. The inception workshop served as a creative and moral catalyst, energizing the local team and setting them on a trajectory of fresh focus.
  2. Several members of our community remain integral to the growing community of “Wilders” at WeWilder, providing ongoing consultation and support in new phases of growth.
  3. Inspired by the prototypes developed, a range of long-form experiences and programs are currently running, including wilderness trails and immersive learning journeys.
  4. WeWilder, now a social enterprise, champions community initiatives through Impact Experience Design — fostering local entrepreneurship, behavior change programs, nature retreats, and project design.
  5. WeWilder’s signature work exemplifies the potential of a wilder economy and society at the heart of European bison rewilding efforts.
  6. The initiative has generated seven local jobs, contributing over €60k yearly to the community, with thousands of people participating in nature and community experiences. This impact has been recognized in esteemed publications such as The Guardian, BBC, National Geographic, Archdaily, The Economist, CNN, and more.