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We are a global community of Experience Designers driven to use our skill sets to create & implement unique solutions to tackle the climate and biodiversity crises. We call this Impact Experience Design (IXD). 

What we offer

Explore how experience design can improve your existing project

We designed an immersive experience that can be applied in communities to imagine what a ‘healthy environment’ might mean for them. The experience invited citizens to tap into their creativity and consider empathetic responses towards future generations.

Example from Friends of the Earth | UK

Tap into global experts to design experiences from scratch

We conducted an on-site visit to develop and prototype concepts for wilderness experiences for the largest rewilding project in Europe. This was followed by ongoing consulting to fine-tune and adjust to the learnings made.

Example from WeWilder | Romania

Hire a production team to realise your impact experience

A distributed production team consisting of our members created an immersive meditation video during the pandemic to complement a global WWF campaign, with the intent to activate viewers to sign a petition asking heads of government to ban marine pollution.

Example from WWF - Peru / Global

How we do it

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